Lucky Them


Lucky Them introduces us to Ellie Klug (Toni Collette), a veteran journalist for a music publication. Ellie’s editor Giles (Oliver Platt), badly in need of an attention-grabbing cover story, calls upon her to investigate the ten-year-old disappearance of a revered local musician…who also happened to be the love of Ellie’s life. Her job on the line, Ellie agrees to take the assignment and allow her unaddressed issues to return for an unexpected encore. For the road trip, she grudgingly accepts the companionship of music-hating, aspiring documentarian Charlie (Thomas Haden Church), whose confusion regarding matters of the heart is only matched by his inept filmmaking.  Lucky Them is about how we mythologize those we love — especially those we have lost — and how this skewed idolatry can impede anything new and hopeful. The semi-autobiographical nature of writer Emily Wachtel’s story gives the film an emotional edge, and, combined with Griffiths’s crisp direction and the cast’s sharply observant performances, the result is nothing less than one of the most enjoyable films of the year.



Directed by: Megan Griffiths

Written by: Huck Botko and Emily Wachtel

Produced by: Adam Gibbs, Amy Hobby, Emily Wachtel

Cast: Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, Oliver Platt, Ryan Eggold, Joanne Woodward, and Johnny Depp


5/30 - NYC (IFC Center)
6/6   - LA (Sundance Sunset Cinema)
6/13 - Seattle (Northwest Film Forum)
6/13 - Chicago (Gene Siskel Film Center)
6/13 - Palm Desert (Cinemas Palme D’Or)
6/13 - Tempe (Valley Art)
6/13 - Miami (MDC’s Tower Theater) 
6/13 - Coral Gables, FL (Cosford Cinema) 
6/13 - Detroit (Cinema Detroit) 
6/20 - Spokane (Magic Lantern Theatre)
6/20 - Tacoma (Grand Cinema)
6/20 - Kansas City, MO (Screenland Armour Theatre)
6/20 - Fort Lauderdale, FL (Cinema Paradiso)
6/20 - Hollywood, FL (Cinema Paradiso Hollywood)
6/27 - Philadelphia (PFS Theatre at the Roxy) - DATES CHANGED!
6/27 - Little Rock, AR (Riverdale 10)
6/27 - Indianapolis, IN (IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum)
6/27 - Sedona, AZ (Mary D. Fisher Theatre) 
6/27 - New Orleans (Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center)
6/27 - Santa Fe (CCA Cinematheque)
7/2   - Washington DC (Avalon Theater) - ONE DAY ONLY!
7/4   - Portland, OR (Living Room Theater)
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