How It Works

The Rules

1. You must watch ALL FOUR FILMS.

2. You must post a photo to twitter or facebook of your ticket stub or a photo of your VOD rental receipt for each film.  Feel free to use our hashtag to spread the word: #summerindiemoviechallenge

  • You do not have to post photos of all ticket stubs/VOD receipts at the same time. You can post them throughout the summer as you watch the films.

3. By July 31, you must email a photo of your twitter or Facebook posts along with your mailing address to

What You Win!

A small package of gifts from each film will be shipped to you late summer/early fall. Things might include, signed pages from early drafts of the script. Signed pages of a working draft of the script with notes. Show posters. Small props and costumes. T-Shirts, posters…ping pong balls. Whatever it is, it’ll be fun.